Children of Paradise VII - Limited Edition of 25

Children of Paradise VII - Limited Edition of 25

Felicidad De Lucas Fine Art Photography

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18 x 12 in. Limited Edition of 25 prints.

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Siargao Island in the Philippines is a perfect representation of Paradise.

But it wasn't the breathtaking beaches and forests that intrigued me the most. Instead, it was the people and, more particularly, the children.

Depending on the area, traveling through the island, we wouldn't see a human being for hours. But if we saw any, it would probably be a flock of children with an unleashed curiosity for us.

The sight of some kids going to school with their uniforms on while others of the same age were carrying bags of shrimp for sale or filling up the tank of tourist motorcycles made me very interested in their social realities.

How is growing up in Paradise?



I am committed to donating 20% of profits from this series to "Nature Kids of Siargao", a Non-Profit Organization that supports kids to ensure their basic needs (food, shelter & clothes) so that they are able to attend school and have a better quality of life.

The amount donated per print is enough to support one of the families involved for a whole week's worth of salary.

This organization is founded by Joseph "Cocoy" Davis and Sanne "Sunny" Sevig. Both are based in General Luna at Siargao Island, the Philippines. "Nature kids of Siargao" is not connected to any political or religious views.

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All limited edition prints are accompanied by a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity. The price of each print increases as the edition sells out.

All my Limited Edition prints have a white border to provide enough space for the signature, numbered edition, and authenticity stamp and facilitate the matting and framing for these prints.

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Measurements of the white borders are slightly different (2" to 3") depending on the print size, and this doesn't show once the print is mounted.